Teacher Profiles

Annie: School Principal
Annie has been teaching and managing pre-schools for 21 years. She has worked in many schools both pre-primary and primary. She has always had a passion to work with children. Annie has been trained in the Montessori methods while also having studied traditional approaches. She has completed an additional diploma at UNISA on Grade-R teaching (cum laude). Annie is also a drama and music/vocal coach. Annie loves art and provides the art instruction for the school having been an art instructor for years.
Annie’s Philosophy: I believe we need to follow the child and have an environment that is child centered. Education should be fun in a stimulating prepared environment.
Her latest academic publication can be found here: Research

Shelly Singh: Foundation Phase Teacher
Shelly has 11 years experience in teaching children from two to six years of age. She has dealt with the emotional, social, intellectual, physical development, and well being of the children in her care. She is passionate about her job and performs her duties diligently. She loves working with children and playing a part in nurturing their young minds, and helping them to grow into independent young individuals.
Shelly has obtained a diploma in early childhood development at UNISA and has completed her regular first aid certifications. She believes children must feel safe and secure and respected in their environment.
Shelly’s philosophy: Each child brings a unique quality to the classroom. As teachers we have to attend to these qualities and bring things out of the children that they would not bring out in themselves by creating an environment that is inviting and respectful.

Leah Chirwa: Preschool teacher and manager
Leah teaches the foundation phase from 18 months to three years of age. Leah also teaches the 3-4 years olds. She has eight years teaching and child care experience. She believes that you have to understand children’s character, give them love, be patient, in order for them to feel that they are cared for and feel at home in your presence. She believes that practical life skills are vital at this foundation age in developing the children’s fine muscle skills, coordination, and confidence. It is her pleasure to see her learners developing their skills.
Leah has completed different courses in childcare as well as a preschool administration diploma.
Leah has worked at Little People’s Montessori preschool for seven years and is the senior supervisor of the preschool.
Leah’s philosophy: As a teacher, I give love to all the children and treat them equally. I make sure that every child feels free to ask questions at any time. I play with the young children doing different activities like music and movement. As a teacher it is my job to make sure children feel happy. I want children to enjoy life and to live in a safe and healthy environment. Each child needs to be heard and understood so he/she can feel special. 

Zama Madondo: Preschool teacher
Zama has five years teaching experience as both a life skills facilitator and as a drama teacher. Working with children is one of her greatest achievements because when she sees children progress from a young age, it gives her hope that all will be well when they go to the next phase of their school life. Her goal is to build their confidence and make sure that their learning experience is fun, also making sure that at an early age they know that they are special and unique individuals.
Zama holds a national diploma in drama studies and is currently pursuing further study at UNISA in the field of early childhood development.
Zama’s philosophy: When you love your work and the environment you are in shows through the children’s progress. I like to be neutral with children because they may get confused by seeing too many sides in one person, for they are also still finding themselves. Thus, I aim to behave in a predictable manner so my students have consistency in their environment.

Girlie Bonga: Preschool teacher
I am a qualified teacher with a diploma in education having studied at Morgenster Teacher’s College. I have three years teaching experience.  I taught primary school grade 3 as well as ECD levels. I have been a teacher at Little People’s Montessori for 1 year. In my teaching, I provide a quality classroom environment in which all students feel valued and respected by the teacher and fellow students. Apart from that, I work hard to develop positive relationships with all students.  I also maintain high expectations from my students. I do explicit teaching activities that stimulates student’s interest.

Sibonelo Sibiya: Teacher
Sibonelo has been teaching for seven years. She has taught children preschool age to primary school age. her specialisation is in English and siSwati. She currently holds an NQF level 5 certificate and is a prospective UNISA student.
Sibonelo likes working with children from different backgrounds as she believes we are all unique. She believes that the topics for learning should be related to pupils everyday experiences and education should thus foster problem solving skills. Being attentive is vital to effective learning.
The teacher should guide the learner and everything must be in the best interest of the child thus resulting in intrinsic versus intrinsic motivation.

Jessica Chirwa: Teaching assistant
“Being an early childhood educator requires specialized teachers like me!”. My interest and passion for helping young children is watching them learn and achieve their goals. This is one of the most heart warming benefits of being a preschool teacher.
Jessica plays an important role in building each child’s success in their first years of schooling. She provides structure and helps them improve their reading and writing skills. She also assists them to understand themselves. She serves many roles in the classroom by aiming to create a warm mentoring and nurturing environment for the children.
Jessica has two years experience in teaching and loves working with children. She enjoys understanding how young minds conceptualise their world.

Crystal van Dongen: Teaching assistant
Crystal has been teaching for two years. Crystal assists with all the classes. She loves teaching and loves the idea of children going home having learnt new things from school. She gets joy from seeing the children grow and follow their dreams. She enjoys the children’s individual personalities and seeing them develop in their daily work.

Philip (Co-Owner)
Philip is a researcher at the University of Johannesburg. He is an active researcher in the field of psychology, education, technology, and sociology. He is holds a multidisciplinary PhD degree. He is an invited speaker at several local and international conferences and is currently a guest editor for an international journal.
In 2015 he was awarded the University of Johannesburg’s VC award for teaching excellence, and in 2016 the South African national tertiary education (CHE) award for teaching excellence. Philip has published across several disciplines
Research Gate profile

Our staff complement collectively have the following qualifications:

  1. BA. Hons Pychology (UNISA)
  2. BA. Hons Religious Studies. (UNISA)
  3. M.Eng (UJ)
  4. B.Tech (TWR)
  5. N.Diploma (TWR)
  6. Higher certificate (Univ Zimbabwe)
  7. Grade-R and Foundation Phase Teaching (NQF 5) (UNISA)
  8.  Foundation Phase Teaching (NQF 5) (UNISA)
  9. Pre-School Administration
  10. D.Litt et (UNISA)
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