Safety and Security

Safety and Emergency Details:

We have a paid yearly membership with ER24 for all the registered children and staff who are on the premises. The ER24 service allocates the school a unique code that our staff are to provide the call centre in the event of an emergency. The call centre then have all the detailed information about the school already loaded on their computer system. This saves considerable time in dispatching a vehicle as the address and membership (medical aid details etc) are already sorted out ahead of time. Our protocol in emergencies is to first contact the paramedics and deal with the emergency.

First Aid: We provide our staff with first aid training every 2 years. At any point in the day, there is at least 1 person who can administer first aid.


Our pre-school is a secure environment. We have a double gated entrance and exit. No persons from the street can see or talk to any child. There are 34 cameras onsite. The cameras are equipped to read number plates of vehicles on the ERF.

We have a linked alarm system to SW Security and have negotiated a security protocol with them. Our school is walled on all sides with an electric fence. The entrance and exit and parking areas are monitored constantly throughout the day. No persons are allowed entry to the school without being vetted by our staff, which also includes a high definition video recording of who enters and exits the premises.

Parents are required to notify the school about who collects their child as the staff do not open the gate for people who are not on the list. No child leaves the school without an adult/caregiver.

Our staff are safety conscious and have nearby panic buttons available. They have been trained for emergency events. We are serious about security. Below are some examples of the cameras in and outside of the school.

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