Group Work Example

Group work has its benefits when conducting experiments that the whole class can take part in. To follow is a group project conducted by the Grade-R class. The topic was Living animals and the output was a bird feeder as part of the Birds theme.

This is the layout the teacher followed:



Lesson Details:

Lesson Plan: What is an animal?

Topic: What is an animal?

Subject: Life science

Grade: reception year

Lesson objectives: The knowledge and skills the learner should achieve. The learner should know of the following:

  • An animal is any living thing that is not a plant
  • Animals grow and change
  • Each animal needs its own kind of food
  • Animals need homes or shelters
  • An animal is a living thing and needs sunlight, water, food and air
  • Birds and what they like to eat.
  • Make a bird feeder and water holder.


Lesson structure:

We have an introduction about animals.

  • Discussion about different types of animals.
  • Show children pictures from books and discuss.
  • Props of birds nest, model chicken, seeds, water, clay parrot and fish tank.


Questions asked in discussion:

  • What do we need to survive or live?
  • What do we live in?
  • Where does a dog live?
  • Where does a bird live?
  • Where does a fish live?
  • Some people and animals live in different countries in cold weather. Which animals live in the snow?
    • What do they eat?
    • How do they keep warm?
  • Which animals live in the bushveld?
  • Name some wild animals.
  • Do you have any animals at home?


Songs sung during lesson:

  • Old MacDonald had a farm
  • Big blue whale
  • Crocodile chomp song
  • Fish are swimming song


Group activity:

All the children made the bird feeder and helped cut out the water bottle for the water holder. We used ice-cream sticks (coloured) and used wood glue to stick the sticks in an overlapping fashion to form a square. The sticks were stuck onto a black cardboard to stop the seeds from falling out at the bottom. After the bird feeder had dried, we tied string onto the sticks and filled it up with bird seeds. We hung the bird feeder and the water holder high on a tree branch for the birds to feed safely.

Supporting art activity:

Each child coloured an owl picture stuck on movable eyes and a felt beak. We stapled the owl to an empty toilet roll. For this activity we used coloured felt, stick on moveable eyes, colouring crayons, stapler, owl picture to colour, scissors and glue.


The following figures show the process of this lesson including the construction of the bird feeder.

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