Our school is all about education.¬†Any school should be able to show the parents/care givers the outputs of their child’s efforts. The school should have what we call “proof of learning”. Parents should be able to view at any point their child’s work that they have been busy with.
Here is examples of some of the educational skills that the children learn while at school: Classroom activities

Practical experiments are part of the learning experience: Here is an example of a science practical: Science and Experiments

The school focuses on individual learning but there are group work projects that the students perform: See a group project here: Group Work Example

The daily routine that your child follows can be seen here: Daily Routine

During the calendar year, we schedule at least 2 shows for the children.
These are private companies that we select to do a presentation at our school: Educational Shows

As part of continuous development, the staff at Little People’s Montessori Pre-school undergo regular training. We are also involved in publishing research based on educational tools that we find successful. Our latest publication can be read here. Research

It is important that teachers have their own strategy for their teaching. Our abridged teaching philosophy can be read here: Teaching philosophy

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