Welcome to Little People’s Montessori Pre-School’s website. We are based in Germiston (Dinwiddie/Albemarle border) in Guateng and offer Montessori based education. Our teaching approach is somewhat unique emanating from two decades of early childhood developmental schooling. We follow a pragmatic approach to teaching and learning with our approach published in international educational journals. We are not part of a franchise – any school claiming to be linked to us untrue.

Our approach allows the teachers to provide each child with dedicated individual attention. Our groups are small to enable maximum benefit to each child. Our environment is safe and homely. The building was purpose built for a pre-school facility.

We believe that children should be given maximum learning opportunities to provide them with a good foundation for later development. The Pre-School going age is just as important (if not more important) than any other developmental age. Owing to this, parents/caregivers/teachers need to maximise the child’s exposure and interaction in educational activities. Our school environment is information-rich both inside and outside the classroom. The classrooms are set up according to Maria Montessori’s method of teaching, divided into specific areas of learning. The areas include: practical life; sensorial, mathematics, language, art, cultural, botany, and zoology.

The school day is structured with many learning activities provided. These activities are presented by qualified teachers. The school principal, Annie, has over 20 years teaching experience. Her unique approach rests on Montessori methods, as well as new research based teaching strategies that she has incorporated into the school. We follow a “do what works best” approach, allowing for adaptation, as each child is unique. Our published research into pre-school tuition was a first in South Africa! Our complete teaching and learning philosophy is available for interested parties. We also invite the reader to review our recent study published in an ISI listed international journal depicting our successful implementation of new teaching methods.

Enrollment Options:
We offer various enrollment options. Please contact the school for more information for enrollment option that fits your requirements.

Parents wishing to enroll should make an appointment and bring their child for a visit to the school. Our numbers are limited and we choose to remain a small school.

At the beginning of each year a parent information evening is hosted at the school. We present to our parents the educational programme that their children will be following and we also have a short presentation and discussion on pre-school education and new methods in teaching.

Please note that the images on this site intentionally do not show the faces of the children. To maintain the privacy of the children the images are of low resolution with children specifically asked to look away from the camera.

Contact us: 082 563 9351
61 Dewlish Ave, Albemarle. Germiston

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